refinance auto loan after bankruptcy

Can You Refinance Your Auto Loan while in Bankruptcy. – In both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings, refinancing an auto loan while in bankruptcy probably won’t be an option. However, there are alternatives that resemble refinancing. And these options vary, depending on the type of bankruptcy filed. auto loan Options during a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing If.

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No bankruptcy is easy, but if you have a car loan, it is possible to find a more manageable debt situation after you’ve filed. Take a look at your options and work with your bankruptcy attorney.

Can you refinance after bankruptcy? Find out about all the hurdles you will need to jump through in order to refinance after bankruptcy. Menu. Products. LendingTree.. If you reaffirmed the debt, you would keep both the car and the car loan.

My bankruptcy was discharged about 7 months ago. I was approve for a car loan at 7.99% for $27,000. From Capital One and they were the same company that I bankrupted out of my last auto loan. It may be because I tried to reaffirm the debt and my lawyer didn’t file the correct papers. I paid for 6 months while I was getting no credit for the.

Getting a Car Loan After Bankruptcy | Nolo – Read on to learn how to find a legitimate car loan lender, and to find out about the process for getting a loan during or after Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Timing Your Car Loan With Bankruptcy. If you need a new car and cannot pay with cash, you will need to finance it.

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Refinance Car After Bankruptcy – – Refinance Car After Bankruptcy To refinance a car after bankruptcy can be more difficult, but you still may be able to benefit from an auto loan refinance. If you have a discharged bankruptcy, tax lien, or just plain bad credit, you can still get approved. You may be able to get refinanced through what is called a "high risk" underwriter.

Should I Have a Cosigner or a Co-Borrower on my Bad Credit Auto Loan? – Besides the basic requirements subprime lenders ask for, some may require you to have a cosigner or co-borrower in order to approve you for a bad credit car loan. gives up the car during a.

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No Income Auto Loans with Questionable Credit – What it really requires The fact is, for consumers with credit scores below 500, currently in a bankruptcy or with. by advertising "no income" loans is only hoping to lure the most desperate car.