is buying a condo worth it

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Can’t afford a house in Seattle. Is a condo worth it? – reddit –  · Just my two cents: never worth it if your concern is to be priced out of Seattle. Doesn’t matter if it’s house or condo. The fee would be factored into the price anyway. The ability for you to stay in a city has little to do with whether you own a piece of property in that city. Instead, whether you can hold a stable and upward career is the key.

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Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A Vacation Property – I went the expensive route by buying a condo in a great location with a high HOA so I wouldn’t have to do anything to maintain my property. Buying a house would have probably been a better investment, but a house doesn’t have three pools, three outdoor hot tubs, a spa, a golf course, ski-in/ski-out access, and restaurants.

Utility bills are higher in a single-family home than in a condo, too, since you’re responsible for more space. In condos, like apartments, residents outsource the heavy maintenance work. You’ll pay a fee, but you won’t have to shovel the drive or clear off fallen branches after a storm.

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Why renting makes more sense than buying in Toronto's real. – Why renting makes more sense than buying in Toronto’s real estate market. In this market, don’t assume the value of houses and condos will inevitably go up in value.

A den and a bathroom become kids’ rooms in reno of downtown condo – Meirovici, 35, and Shawn, 34, are raising their two children in a one-bedroom-plus-den condo in downtown Toronto. While Shawn sometimes fantasizes about buying a house, especially when the kids are.

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10 Tips for Buying a Condo in DC & Metro Area 2018 | Goodhart. – Condo living can be fantastic! But, only if you know exactly what to expect. Here are our top 10 tips for buying a condo in DC and DC Metro area in 2018.

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Economics of Buying a Beach House: Read Before You Buy . FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By Greg DePersio.. High net worth strategy . The Best Way to Help Your Parents Buy a Home .

Developers Overbuilt So Many Sunny Isles Beach Condos, They Have Two-Year Backlog – "It is worth noting this report only tracks those Sunny. area’s deeply poor working class afford rent is to build so many luxury condos that the market crashes and we can all buy beachfront.