how to lower my mortgage payment

"Round up" your mortgage payment each month Each month, when your mortgage payment is due, "round up" to the nearest hundred dollars. If your payment is $1,450, send your lender fifty dollars more..

mortgage companies for bad credit  · With too many bad loans, the FHA can revoke the lender’s ability to offer FHA loans at all. That could put some mortgage companies out of business. In addition, statistically, borrowers with lower credit scores default more often than those with higher credit scores. That’s why most lenders require a higher minimum credit score than does.

Extend the length of your loan. If you’re just looking to lower your payment, you have a few other options. You can make your loan longer, adding 10 or 15 years onto it, which will make the payment lower per month. Of course, that means you’ll pay more over the life of the loan, but if you can’t afford your payments, this option is a good one.

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If you struggle each month to make your mortgage payment, you’re not alone. Financial challenges – such as a job loss, drop in household income, or major medical bills – could make paying a mortgage.

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Refinancing is the most common way to get a lower mortgage payment. However, many lenders are willing to figure out a better repayment plan, without a refinance. Your financial circumstances and your lender will determine whether you can reduce your payments without refinancing.

Your loan term is the amount of time you have to pay off your mortgage balance. shorter loan terms typically mean higher monthly mortgage payments, but often have lower interest rates. If you pay off your mortgage balance within a shorter term, you may pay less in total interest than with a longer-term mortgage.

(To learn more about the amortization schedule, see "Understanding the Mortgage Payment Structure.") The second reason is the peace of mind you gain from owning your home. With the lower monthly cash.

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But because you’re amortizing a lower principal amount, you end up with a lower monthly mortgage payment – without refinancing your home. Essentially, you are reducing your monthly payments over the remaining term of the loan, while keeping the same interest rate.