can you refinance a first mortgage and not the second

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Another Alternative. You don’t have to refinance your first mortgage with the same lender. In fact, you can refinance your mortgage with any lender willing to refinance it. If you don’t think your HELOC lender will agree to subordinate its lien to a refinanced first mortgage ask your HELOC lender to refinance that mortgage itself.

Real Estate Tricks: How To Pay Off Your Home Mortgage FAST If you think you might meet the basic guidelines I outlined earlier, and you want to see if you can refinance to combine your first and second mortgages, you should start with your current lender. They might offer you the best terms, since your loan is already with them.

Refinancing – Wikipedia – Refinancing is the replacement of an existing debt obligation with another debt obligation.. This can be an excellent choice in a declining market or if you are not sure you will.. In situations where the borrower has both a first and second mortgage, it is common to consolidate these loans as part of the refinance process.

If you refinance your first mortgage but not your second mortgage, the second mortgage is promoted into first position (because it’s older than the new first mortgage), and the newly refinanced mortgage takes the junior position. Your new lender will obviously object,

refinance first and second mortgages – – Can I refinance my first and second mortgages that are with US Bank? We owe $97000 on our first mortgage and $57000 on an equity loan. Both are with US Bank. The first is at 6.25% and the second is at 9.49%. We bought our home in 2004 and have always been current with payments. Are we eligible for.

Refinancing a Second Mortgage Only – – Can I refinance my second mortgage only, without consolidating it with the first? I need options related to my second mortgage. It’s a balloon, but the problem is the current payments. GMAC informed me I did not qualify for a refi due to change in regulations. The income used to aquire the 2nd can.

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Can I Refinance My First Mortgage Without Refinancing My. – Falling interest rates may convince you that the time is right to refinance your first mortgage. Refinancing isn’t normally a big deal as long as you have equity in your home, cash to cover closing costs and a decent credit score. However, the situation gets a lot more complicated if you also have a home equity line of credit (HELOC).