Can You Buy A House While On Ssi

Having good credit can help you in a surprising number of ways.. lower interest rates on car loans and house mortgages, and aquire better rates on your. entitlement if you appear to qualify for disability through SSI's presumptive. While it is a program through the federal government, it is run by state and local agencies.

You have to be careful regarding assets if you receive SSI because you could place yourself in the position of having an overpayment that must be repaid and having your benefits discontinued. If you do receive SSI, you may want to contact a local Social Security office BEFORE you sell your mobile home and get a first hand answer about what may.

While you are trying to sell real property, you can receive SSI benefits for up to 9 months under certain conditions. While you are trying to sell personal property, you can receive SSI benefits for up to 3 months. We may pay you even longer if you meet certain conditions.

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i am curious if i sell my house to my parents so my grandpa can live closer and i use all money from my house to purchase a home in town will i lose my disability . Hi, Buying or selling a house would have no effect on Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).

Best Answer: You can buy. You will keep your SSDI, but you will lose the SSI, which is welfare, as soon as you have an asset worth more then $2,000. So, when figuring your finances you need to do it without the welfare check, and only use the disability payment.

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To qualify for disability benefits through the supplemental security income (ssi) program, you must meet the social security administration’s (SSA) definition of disabled and meet certain income and asset limits.SSI allows a single person to have only $2,000 in assets to stay eligible for SSI, and a married couple can only have $3,000 in assets.

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