Army Reserve Retirement Points Statement

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Guard & Reserve Handbook Retirement| Military Times – Retired-pay applications for reserve component members generally are sent out at age 58, except for Air National Guard and Coast Contact: The Army Human Resources Command maintains an online archive with extensive information on retirement that can be useful to reservists in any component.

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Retirement – army reserve retirement calculator – Browse our web sites and our recommended resources. They are all designed to aid and assist you in becoming more educated about your Retirement and more specifically your army reserve retirement calculator needs.

*Defining a Good Year in the Guard/Reserves: A “Good Year” in the Guard or Reserves means the servicemember earned a minimum of 50 points. service that results in fewer than 50 Points in a given year will not count as a Good Year. The Points still count toward retirement, but the servicemember doesn’t get credit for a Good Year.

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Your retirement points are multiplied by the approximate value of a point to produce the estimate monthly retired pay value. An important factor: A member who retires under either system receives longevity credit for those years while a member of the Retired Reserve awaiting pay at age 60.

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How do retirement points work in the Army Reserve (US)? – The formula for computing equivalent years of service for Reserve retired pay at age 60 is fairly simple: Total number of Creditable Retirement Points, divided by 360. The formula computes the number of equivalent years of service the soldier has completed (comparable to full time service).

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