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How Tom Selleck helped a reverse mortgage lender rise to the top – Reza Jahangiri knows the power of celebrity. He’s used it to push his Orange-based company – reverse mortgage lender american advisors group – to No. 1 in the nation. In recent years, revenue at AAG.

American Advisors Group Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit? – American Advisors Group is a financial company who says their reverse mortgages are a way that you can inject some cash flow into your retirement and steady your finances if you’re going through a rough time.. Let’s face it; most Americans aren’t ready for retirement. In fact, a recent article from TIME pointed out that 1 out of 3 of us don’t have a single penny stored up for our post.

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AAG Reverse Mortgage Reviews. At American Advisors Group, our clients come to us with different reasons for needing a reverse mortgage and different ways they would like to use their funds.

AAG Mortgage Reviews – Trustpilot – AAG made it possible to secure a reverse mortgage for my 92 yr. old aunt. I was led thru the process by helpful people each step of the way. I am extremely pleased with the speed, efficiency, and helpfullness of everyone involved.

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Reverse Mortgage | American Advisors Group (AAG) – Use the AAG Advantage jumbo reverse mortgage, a proprietary loan that allows you to withdraw up to $4 million in equity on a higher-priced house. With this fixed-rate loan, you can turn more of your equity into cash.

Top 10 Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders | ConsumerAffairs – The American Advisors Group (AAG) offers reverse mortgage loans that are backed by the FHA.

9 reviews for American Advisors Group, 3.6 stars: "AAG was sooooo sweet when they set us up with the reverse mortgage. But buddy let me tell you that if you want to pay off the reverse mortgage you will deal with the worst customer service reps in the entire United States.

American Advisors Group – A total scam | Glassdoor – Reverse Mortgage is a scam to take advantage of elderly homeowners. Most customers are functionally illiterate and could not open- a door much less understand how a Reverse Mortgage works. This is the new subprime and the sleazy characters that inhabit it should be ashamed of themselves.

Is Tom Selleck Telling the Truth About Reverse Mortgages. – Selleck Says: A Reverse Mortgage Loan is a Simple Idea Really. On this point, some people might disagree. A reverse mortgage loan is like a mortgage – but in reverse. The details – like the fact that the loan amount grows because you are accumulating interest – can be tricky to understand.